I just saw the coolest thing!

It's a tattoo made by a German art student designed specifically for the blind. It works by implanting surgical steel, titanium or plastic balls under the surface of the skin. Thier used to spell out words in Braille. I can see this becoming a new trend.
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Jared just got a new digital camera and I used it to take some pictures of Peanut,our Hahns Macaw. He's scared of the camera so it was hard to get good pics of him. He runs to me everytime he see's the camera so that I'll protect him from it.

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Happy Anniversary!!!!

Today was mine and Jared's ONE YEAR Anniversary. I can't believe it, the year flew by so fast. No other relationship has ever made it this far before. So we spent the day together. We went out shopping, then to dinner and a movie. We saw Fun with Dick and Jane. It was funny, Jared liked it to, which is rare cause he usually falls asleep during movies. It was such a wonderful day, Im so In love, I can't wait for another year. I love you Jared Bared <3
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I don't know what happened tonight. I don't know how I feel. All as I know is I don't want it to ever happen again
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Do you wear J-Crew?

A recent investigation into fur farms in China (which is the origin of J.Crew’s fur) uncovered shocking cruelty, including skinning animals alive, then throwing the still-conscious animals onto a pile of those who had gone before them. Some lay there dying for up to 10 minutes, still blinking, their hearts beating visibly beneath their exposed flesh.

Why? So that J.Crew can make tacky shoes with mink pom-poms.

Watch the Video:

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Jared Wrote this it's really cute:

hippidy rippidy hill of margerine and cheese balls while riding my cycle through it all i love the purple colored shadows and clouds and the lovely lollypops all around, the beautiful eithgytren legged catipiller is fun and happy and nice and there are seven four toed shoes on my feet of green blocked out glory, this is the reason why i love the grass and the moon with footstep of chicken grass faster than i can spell I ball, with pink spaghetti on it, I know that i've never sat in a glory pit and spent 32 hours there but i wish upon all the highest glorytrains i could and can i shall do today tomorrow and yesterday which everyone knows!

You may be thinking that he was on some kind of drugs when he wrote this, but I assure you he was completely sober. And no he doesn't have any mental problems either.

I Love my little Jared Bared!