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Backstreet Boys - New Album "Unbreakable" In Stores TODAY!! [30 Oct 2007|01:25pm]
[ mood | excited ]


 Brand New Album "Unbreakable" In stores






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I just saw the coolest thing! [19 Oct 2007|05:47pm]
[ mood | awake ]

It's a tattoo made by a German art student designed specifically for the blind. It works by implanting surgical steel, titanium or plastic balls under the surface of the skin. Thier used to spell out words in Braille. I can see this becoming a new trend.

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Add me on myspace! [19 Oct 2007|02:23am]
[ mood | tired ]


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Sad [04 Dec 2006|02:05am]
[ mood | sad ]

Bean doesn't get to stay at Jared's house anymore :(

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Peanut [04 Apr 2006|12:41pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Jared just got a new digital camera and I used it to take some pictures of Peanut,our Hahns Macaw. He's scared of the camera so it was hard to get good pics of him. He runs to me everytime he see's the camera so that I'll protect him from it.

Picture goodness behind the cutCollapse )

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Haven't done a survey in a while.. [22 Jan 2006|03:52pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Survey Behind the CutCollapse )

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Happy Anniversary!!!! [24 Dec 2005|12:34am]
[ mood | giddy ]

Today was mine and Jared's ONE YEAR Anniversary. I can't believe it, the year flew by so fast. No other relationship has ever made it this far before. So we spent the day together. We went out shopping, then to dinner and a movie. We saw Fun with Dick and Jane. It was funny, Jared liked it to, which is rare cause he usually falls asleep during movies. It was such a wonderful day, Im so In love, I can't wait for another year. I love you Jared Bared <3

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huh? [21 Dec 2005|11:58pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I don't know what happened tonight. I don't know how I feel. All as I know is I don't want it to ever happen again

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JCruel.com [28 Nov 2005|12:27pm]

Do you wear J-Crew?

A recent investigation into fur farms in China (which is the origin of J.Crew’s fur) uncovered shocking cruelty, including skinning animals alive, then throwing the still-conscious animals onto a pile of those who had gone before them. Some lay there dying for up to 10 minutes, still blinking, their hearts beating visibly beneath their exposed flesh.

Why? So that J.Crew can make tacky shoes with mink pom-poms.

Watch the Video:

Click here to watch the video

Please Re-post this in your own blog!
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[23 Nov 2005|11:52pm]
Jared Wrote this it's really cute:

hippidy rippidy hill of margerine and cheese balls while riding my cycle through it all i love the purple colored shadows and clouds and the lovely lollypops all around, the beautiful eithgytren legged catipiller is fun and happy and nice and there are seven four toed shoes on my feet of green blocked out glory, this is the reason why i love the grass and the moon with footstep of chicken grass faster than i can spell I ball, with pink spaghetti on it, I know that i've never sat in a glory pit and spent 32 hours there but i wish upon all the highest glorytrains i could and can i shall do today tomorrow and yesterday which everyone knows!

You may be thinking that he was on some kind of drugs when he wrote this, but I assure you he was completely sober. And no he doesn't have any mental problems either.

I Love my little Jared Bared!
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Moving!!! [20 Nov 2005|06:12pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

So I got tired of Jared always hogging the computer at his house so I decided to move mine to his house. We made a nice little desk area for it and everything. Im hardly ever at my house and when I am I use the downstairs computer cause it's just much more convinient. So now jared and I can aim each other and talk while in the same room!

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MmmBop [07 Nov 2005|02:21pm]
Saturday we drove to Hamton Beach, NH to see HANSON! I bought Jared tickets for his 18th birthday cause he loves them. Origionally I bought him tickets for the Boston show, but we decided to not go to Boston becuase parking is sooo expensive and there's so much traffic and its so hard to find your way around. So we sold our tickets on ebay and bought Hampton Beach tickets. Well friday the day before the show the tickets had still no arrived so we started getting really nervous. But they ended up coming that afternoon, talk about close timing.

It's a two hour drive to NH so we left early expecting to spend the day there. Jared's been there before and he said there's tons of shops and stuff right on the beach, so we'd have plenty to do. We arrived there around 12:30 in the afternoon and found the place nearly deserted. Aparently all the little shops close down for the winter months. So there really wasn't much to do. So we went to the next town over (not sure of the name of it) and occupied ourselves by buying illegal fireworks, visiting porn and comic stores and playing monopoly in the car. Finally concert time rolled around, there were people that had waited in line all day to get in. I find this extremely LAME. Because not only is it a small venue, but hanson really isn't all that popular anymore. We didn't wait in line and we were able to make are way close enough for Jared to shake thier hands and have a very good view of the stage. So to those girls that waited in line ( most of which were LARGE and by large I mean FAT girls ) get a life.
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Jared Bared Picture of the day! [30 Oct 2005|09:05am]

^ How cute!
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Grab a Tissue, You'll need one [18 Oct 2005|12:51am]
[ mood | shocked ]

This is Jacqueline Saburido on September 19, 1999.

Read OnCollapse )
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Posts that I should have been making all summer! [17 Oct 2005|12:44am]
Allot of stuff happened this summer that I just haven't had time to write about. My aunt bought this cool fast food place called the Dog Stop. I worked there with her all summer. I mostly just took orders and handed out food. But Jared and I ran the place when she went on vacation, so during those times I had to cook. Certain days were super busy, and trying to cook all the food in time was total chaos, but we always managed to get it done on time.

Here's some pics..Collapse )
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I don't update nearly enough anymore.. [15 Oct 2005|12:30am]
Well since Jared has started to update his lj on a regular basis, I decided that I too would start doing that. There hasn't been much going on lately. Right now Im unemployed, cause the job I had was a seasonal job and it ends for the winter months, so that leaves me jobless at the moment. My aunt thinks that she can get me a job as a secretary type person at the place she works. Hopefully that will work out becuase the job pays $12 an hour to start.

Hmm what else has been happening? Today jared and I went to the haunted mansion up the street on hill top. We had free passes that Jared's mom got from 105.9 the radio station. So that was cool cause it saved us like $12. Even though there was the longest slowest moving line ever, the haunted house made it worthwhile. They obviously put allot of time and effort into the setup and the costumes, because it was actually a little scary. When we came out it was POURING raining and we got totally drenched as we ran back to my car. It's been raining for like 10 days straight or some crazy number like that. How is that possible? It sucks, I haven't been able to go horseback riding in over a week, I was suppose to be going to a horse show tomorrow, but it got cancelled because of all the rain.
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Picture of the day [09 Oct 2005|01:16pm]
Pic of the week..Collapse )
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BSB in Portland ME!! [31 Aug 2005|05:29pm]
I finally was able to upload my pictures of Jared and I meeting the Backstreet Boys in Portland ME!

BSB hotness behind the cutCollapse )
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Operation Pandora's Box, Help get BSB back on TRL! [30 Aug 2005|01:22am]

Operation Pandora's Box!

On September 15th Fans of the Backstreet Boys will be holding a protest outside of TRL. Recently evidence has surfaced that TRL does not play video's on the countdown based on the number of votes as they claim to. If you would like to be part of the protest please email Fight4BSB@yahoo.com


For those of you who can't make it to TRL in NYC on September 15th, you can still be a part of the action. Our idea is to bombard them from all angles. With the live protest, people have called radio stations, and other things. My idea for all of the people who can't make it up there is to send mad junk mail. And by junk mail I mean HUGE boxes filled with absolutely nothing or whatever anyone decides to put in them. It can be just one letter, it can be some sort of message or anything these people can come up with. We should decorate the boxes with the brightest colors we can find and just go crazy with it. Can you imagine TRL having to deal with a protest and then large quantities of packages on the same day? I mean these would take up space!

A few years back, the fans sent in Chapstick to Carson because they thought he was an asskisser...and he kept them and collected them. The Mature Fan Club went to TRL one day and he invited them into his office and he opened this drawer he had that was full of it all with the letters and cards that fans sent in. We are thinking about doing this again....only instead of chapstick, we are thinking POP ROCKS, the candy.....with a card that has a specific note to MTV and TRL about how we demand our BSB. We are trying to get as MANY fans as possible involved in this, so spread the word and give them my contact info. because I think I'm in charge of the mailings and a friend of mine is starting a site and working as a group!

For more information on the pop rocks and mailing pacakges to MTV please email Jen at bsb_xtasy@yahoo.com

- Kelly

Keep the BACKSTREET pride Alive!
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Myspace [06 Aug 2005|01:15am]
[ mood | bored ]

I stole this from someone else cause I thought it was funny,

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